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The Friends of Del Cerro will spearhead a wide range of projects and events designed to improve the quality of life for all Del Cerro residents and drive business to our neighborhood companies. Some of the projects will be big and some will be small, but all will be in the spirit of benefitting everyone.

The first project that is underway is to establish a means of improving the neighborhood esthetics and infrastructure. That can be done by creating a Maintenance Assessment District as described below.

Establishing a Maintenance Assessment District

The goal of establishing a Del Cerro Maintenance Assessment District is to fund the beautification, installation, improvement and maintenance of public assets/amenities in excess of minimal City standards.

The proposed Del Cerro Maintenance District boundaries are bounded on the west by Navajo Canyon, the north by Navajo Road, the east by Parkridge Blvd and Chaparral Canyon, and the south by Interstate 8.

Click here for the Maintenance Assessment District Boundary Map.

Click here for information provided by the City of San Diego in regards to establishing a Maintenance Assessment District.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

Maintenance Assessment District Beautification and Improvement Projects

Projects will include but are not limited to:

Improving and Maintaining Medians: Activities to include re-landscaping, debris control and litter pickup, weed control, sweeping and cleaning of hardscape, curbs and gutters; maintenance and repair of sign poles, landscaping/hardscape maintenance and repair, irrigation installation, maintenance and repair; fertilization, weeding, pruning, and pest control.

Enhanced Lighting Throughout All Areas of Del Cerro: Lighting projects will focus on improving the safety and esthetics of the neighborhood. Project may include decorative street lamps, lighting of important signage and the decorative uplighting of structures / attractions. Additional lighting projects will be designated by the community.

Improving and Maintaining Public Rights of Ways: Activities to include street sweeping, debris control and litter pickup, weed control, sweeping and cleaning of curbs and gutters, maintenance and repair of sign poles, landscape/hardscape maintenance and repair, irrigation maintenance and repair, fertilization, weeding, pruning, and pest control.

Enhanced Maintenance of Del Cerro Community Parks: Activities to include increased frequency of turf mowing, edging, fertilization, weeding, pruning and pest control; plant/tree maintenance and replacement; irrigation maintenance and repairs; installation, maintenance and repair of playground equipment; repair, replacement and lighting upgrades.

Enhanced Open Space Maintenance: Activities to include the removal of overgrowth and non-native plant species; litter removal; establish walking/jogging trails; installation and maintenance of picnic tables and trash cans where feasible; enhanced litter removal on canyons near storm drain outlets.

Improving and Upgrading Community Signage: Locations such as Del Cerro Blvd, on the corner of College Ave, Warning Rd, Navajo Rd and additional areas as needed.

Installation of Flag Poles: Locations may include areas along the sidewalks of Del Cerro Blvd (College Ave to Madra Ave) and College Ave (Del Cerro Blvd to Lambda Dr).

Graffiti Removal: Locations and frequency as designated by the community.