Princess Del Cerro Park

Community Projects

Princess Del Cerro Park is Del Cerro’s only public Park. Due to lack of funds of the City, Friends of Del Cerro is working with the City to help improve it. We have already managed to get new trees installed, new wood chips for the playground 3 new blue benches for parents to watch their children, a new beautiful new Park monument, and more. We are raising funds to continue to improve the now aging park. If you are interested in helping please contact FODC.

FODC, Del Cerro Action Council, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, and Allied Gardens Recreation Center are currently working on updating Princess Del Cerro Park.  

This work has included repairing, repainting, and replacing play equipment. Adding wood chips, replacing benches, replacing trash receptacles. Cleaning and replacing sun shades, cleaning tables, replacing lights, planting and watering grass. Fixing the baseball diamonds and backstops.  Clean and replace the BBQ’s, refurbish the basketball hoops and poles.

If possible we would like to resurface the basketball courts and repair the cracked concrete.

Please visit and hope you will enjoy the improvements.

The Princess Del Cerro Park is in need of some TLC, and we need your help to make these improvements! Please see the photos and description of repairs needed below, then visit our donation form to donate to the project (be sure to select the Princess Del Cerro Park Fund for your donation). 

Princess Del Cerro Park Refurbishing Needs:

Playground related

  1. Clean or replace all swing set seats, chains and rusty parts. (Unsafe and unattractive)

    The Parks Dept has a playground repair crew that can replace parts. However, only replacement parts associated with a safety issue are provided by the City. Unfortunately, the Dept does not have the budget to replace parts due to aesthetics. With well over 250 tot lots throughout the parks system, our safety demands are significant, we hope you understand. City staff can do much of the replacement work if
    the parts are provided.

  2. Clean or replace red slide. Tan colored slides in better shape but need good cleaning.

    Cleaning could be accomplished by maintenance staff or through a volunteer project. Staff will test some methods to determine the best approach and the feasibility of being done by volunteers. Replacement of playground equipment; if the City is to fund it, it needs to be safety oriented. Ms. Kelly Wood Area Manager can contact the manufacturer to determine what the total cost would be for the replacement should your organization like to pursue the necessary funding for such a project.

  3. Sand, repaint or replace needed areas of the play equipment per photos. (rusty, chipping and faded paint (could be un-safe).

    This has been done in other areas by volunteers. City can purchase paint and supplies for this task. Projects can be coordinated through the Parks and Rec. Volunteer Office and or Area Manager Kelly Wood.

  4. Replace or recoat wall climbing handles and sand and repaint the “walls”(Safety hazard, could cut children’s hands)

    See response to number 1, we’ll also have playground crew/staff assess handles for
    safety conditions.

  5. Lube/oil swing set hangars or replace attachment grommets. (Bolts and chains also rusty)
    City staff will submit request to have the hangers and clevises checked. If hangers and clevises are noisy, replacement may be necessary, playground crew usually has the parts and can complete work.
  6. Additional wood chips needed. (Safety)
    Already ordered and we are waiting for delivery. Once delivered we’ll notify you.
  7. Sand and paint green metal benches (3 each)
    Benches have plastic coating and painting is most likely not possible (we’ll check). Replacement of seat and back rest may be an option; however, this is an aesthetic issue so replacement parts would need to be provided. Staff will research the associated costs and provide that information should your organization desire to pursue the necessary funding. City staff could do the work to replace if the parts are purchased.
  8. Power clean or sand blast rusty stained concrete near playground area.
    This is not something we typically do. We’ll see if we can. However, we are looking into possibly replacing the metal cans by obtaining concrete trash and recycling containers for the Park which would ultimately eliminate the issue in the future.
  9. Paint or replace trash can receptacles all over park per photos.
    This has been done in other areas by volunteers. City can purchase paint and supplies for this task. See response to # 8 about replacement.
  10. Clean or replace green attached plastic shades over playground per photos.
    Unfortunately, the Dept does not have the budget to replace parts due to aesthetics, parts would need to be provided. Ms. Wood can research the replacement part(s) costs and provide that information if requested.

Park Grounds Related

  1. Clean graffiti chalk off tables. (easy but messy looking)
    Not something we typically do; however, our staff do wipe down table tops and will remove the chalk when this work is performed. We may be able to post signs discouraging patrons from using chalk on our
    tables/in the park.
  2. Replace dead trees per photos.
    Our Arborist will come out and assess trees, makerecommendations on the proper species to plant for each area, if current tree was an appropriate species, we can replant. We’ll look at the City nursery to see if we have replacements. We will also have the big Eucalyptus trees around the walkway in the park assessed to see if they could use some pruning, at the very least to be trimmed back as to not block the security light.
  3. Replace light pole light covers, replace burned out lights and sand and paint light poles.
    Look terrible. We have reached out to Environmental Services Department and they have confirmed the security lights are on the replacement list to change over to LED (timeframe unknown but the contract for the work is currently out to bid). Staff will recheck the lights for operations, I believe recently a light check was conducted and all lights were operational at the time, but the clocks may need to adjusted to come on
    earlier, which we can coordinate. Repainting of the light poles has a chance to be a volunteer group project; however, the challenge is how high can we safely reach up without some type of lift. Again, City staff can provide the necessary paint and supplies for this potential painting project should it move forward.
  4. Completely replace entire grass area or just re-plant new grass in areas as needed.
    Find out what Parks and Rec’s responsibilities are on that. A partial replacement project is being planned for the spring/early summer. Hybrid Bermuda is the best type of turf for active areas. This type of project is best suited for warmer weather for Bermuda turf to thrive in (May-June start date), at least a couple month closure with staggered closing of fields to leave at least one part of the park open for play is worth considering. Sod could be an option; however, it is more expensive, but the results would be much quicker and better. Rec council/ Non-profit(s) could consider cost benefit ratio and work together to fund sod, City staff may be able to do the sod work but contracting a big roll sod installation is preferable on large projects. Staff can get estimate cost of sod if this approach is desirable.
  5. Fix up or remove baseball diamonds and back stops if not being used and plant grass.
    Looking at the backstops, they don’t seem to be impacting the current multipurpose fields use. Unless removing them adds to a significant benefit we are reluctant to remove them as they do provide for some flexibility of other potential use.
  6. Clean or replace BBQ’s.
    Staff or volunteers could perform this task. We’ll assess their conditions and if necessary, replace them.
  7. Re-paint and clean “Hot Coal Container”
    This has been done in other areas by volunteers. City can purchase paint and supplies for this task.
  8. Refurbish or replace basketball hoops and poles.
    We’ll assess poles but from what our initial assessment was, they look OK. City staff may be able to change the backboards out but since the current ones are playable, replacement backboards would need to be provided if this was to happen. Since the poles seem to be structurally safe, any replacement of them would be considered an aesthetic issue. Any replacement of the poles would need to be done by a certified vendor.
  9. Resurface basketball court.
    City staff will get bids for the court. This court does have some challenges but in the spectrum of what the safety needs are compared to other parks, it would most likely be a mid-priority. If the non-profit would fund it, it could be done significantly sooner.
  10. Repair all cracked concrete in park area including donation brick area.
    We’ll submit a ticket to our Citywide crew and get their input. They may be able to assist. We’ll circle
    back once we have their input.