This is John.

In August 2019, my family and I moved to Del Cerro. The house we purchased was parallel to a path were people would use to trespass onto my property to gain access to adobe falls. 

After working with SDSU Leadership and Scott Sherman’s Office I was able to come to an agreement with SDSU to build a bigger fence and have them plant shrub bushes at the end of the road. The completion of the fence was installed at the beginning of May, and the shrubs were installed immediately after. 

Due to the installation of the higher fence as well as the planting of the shrub bushes the trespassing has slowed down a lot.

However, although the trespassing has not stopped completely, I believe by moving into Del Cerro was the best choice for my family and I. By going through this process to get this situation resolved I was put in contact with FODC, by a Representative of Scott Sherman’s office. Due to my beliefs in this organization and what it supports I instantly became a member of FODC.


John Allegra